Muppet Fans Talking #1 – “Audrey Hepburn’s Dead”

Muppet Hub is proud to introduce its newest podcast series: “Muppet Fans Talking (with JD & Steve)”!

This show combines some of the best of Muppet Hub’s work from the past few years, mixing news and reviews and borrowing from the styles of many of the podcasts that have made Steve and JD famous-ish!  This episode focuses on the news about The Dark CrystalHappytime Murders, and museum exhibits.  Enjoy!

Also, here’s the link to the movie I made over the past semester: Vertical Montage

MFT 01-1

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4 comments on “Muppet Fans Talking #1 – “Audrey Hepburn’s Dead”
  1. Nic Kramer says:

    To quote Kermit: “Next!”

    • Nic Kramer says:

      In other words, I prefer “The Muppet Cast’ with just Steve.

      • JD Hansel says:

        Fortunately for you, his old episodes are still out there for you to listen to as you please. Have you heard his Show #100? That’s always a good one to revisit. But this show is what Steve wants to do now, and most of the feedback for MFT has been remarkably positive, so this is what’s on the menu today. If you don’t like it, please feel free to make your own podcast and show me how it’s done, or learn to make your criticisms more constructive so I can make improvements based on what you say. As it is, I don’t really know what to do with most of your comments since I’m not sure how to make ideas for “MuppetCast” episodes magically appear in Steve’s brain, nor do I have any intention of ending my time as a podcaster based on the preferences of one listener. That being said, if you’d like, I can add your request to bring back “The MuppetCast” to our Online Petition Report and see if anything comes of that.

        • Nic Kramer says:

          Fine, but please make it a 2.0 Petition Report or a 2017 Petition Report. Being a new podcast, I think it will make since to start on a clean slate. Thanks.

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