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  • Due to many severe technical difficulties/malfunctions, Muppet Hub's content may be delayed for a few weeks.  Consequently, the March 2014 Recap Mupdate has been cancelled.  However, during this time, other aspects of the website may receive more attention and/or be updated.

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Sesame Street's 44th season is airing on PBS, as well as Fraggle Rock on the Hub Network.
With Muppets Most Wanted on it's way, more TV promotions for the movie are to be expected, so keep an eye out!

This Month’s Poll

Last month's poll was "Which Muppets Most Wanted Trailer/Ad Is the Funniest?" The answer with the most votes was Across the Internet.

A Muppety Thing to Do

  • The Big Muppets Quiz Thing will be held on March 19 at Littlefield. See for more details.
  • Also, the Puppetry in America exhibit at the Smithsonian American History Museum is open until April, and it features the original Sam and Friends cast, as well as one or two other Muppets you know.