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From the Archives: Storytelling in the Darwinian Tournament

In February of this year, I put together an essay on the mechanics of tournaments like the Muppet Madness Tournament, analyzing the project that Steve and I were seriously engrossed in at the time from a theoretical perspective.  What follows

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Why You Should Be Super Excited About Turkey Hollow

Yes, I know you’re busy being excited about how the Muppets are back on TV with a new series.  Yes, I know you’re also busy being excited about the opening of the new Worlds of Puppetry Museum.  (You may also

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Puppet Dream Cast – Harry Potter

It’s time once again for a Puppet Dream Cast!  In our first article in this series, we figured out which puppet characters would be best for the characters in Winnie the Pooh, and now we’re doing it with another popular

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The 5 Best Muppet Stretches

Are you ready for a workout?  Not until you’ve done your stretches!  If you don’t stretch before working out, you could twist your armwire or lose your legs! So, here are the best stretches you should do before every workout,

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Review: Muppets at YouTube Space (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, Muppet Hub reviewed the first bunch of videos in their new slew of YouTube videos with YouTube Space L.A. and various famous YouTubers.  Today, we’ll review the next videos in the bunch, starting with a fun

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The Last Days of Jim & Frank

As we’re nearing the end of our “Ten Days of Jim & Frank” event, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the last projects that Jim Henson and Frank Oz worked on together.  So, here’s

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Which Dark Crystal Character Are You?

Here’s another personality quiz in our Ten Days of Jim & Frank event! This time we’re taking a look at the Jim Henson and Frank Oz classic The Dark Crystal.

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Should Kermit and Piggy Officially Marry?

There is, however, a problem with this, since it would take away half of Piggy’s humor.  The other half of Miss Piggy’s humor, as I have already addressed in a previous article, already seems to be missing.  Miss Piggy must be

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Quiz: Are You a Jim Henson or a Frank Oz?

Please take a look at the other fun things we’re doing as a part of Ten Days of Jim & Frank! Let us know what you think of the quiz so Muppet Hub can have better quizzes in the future.

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Review: Muppets at YouTube Space (Part 1)

With a new Muppet miniseries on Disney Junior, and a new Muppet prime time series on ABC, and new Muppet YouTube videos on . . . well, YouTube, the Muppets are right where they belong: everywhere.  They’re inescapable.  It’s pretty

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