Puppet Dream Cast – Winnie the Pooh (Live Action)

I wanted to believe that the live action Winnie the Pooh movie was just an April Fool’s joke just as much as everyone else did, but since it’s not, I might as well take the opportunity to introduce a new article series for Muppet Hub – Puppet Dream Cast.  No, this is not a new podcast about the Neil Patrick Harris puppet videos on the Nerdist YouTube channel.  This is where I get to cast any puppet characters I want (mostly Muppets, but not exclusively) to play the characters in a movie, TV show, franchise, book, stage play, etc.  The goal is to find the cast that seems most appropriate, most ironic, most ridiculous, or a combination.  Be sure to leave your own casting ideas in the comments!  Without further ado, let’s start off the list with the only human in the Pooh franchise . . . .

Walter as Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin 01

To be honest, I was very, very close to casting Robin the Frog for this role just because of the name.  However, I had to side with Walter, because he seems like a natural fit for the role, he looks the part, and I expect he’d have just the right relationship with the puppet I’ve cast as Pooh to make it work.

Hoots the Owl as Owl

Owl 01

Well, who else was I going to pick?  The owl from Zelda Rose’s “Who” number?  No chance.  I want to see Owl get groovy.

Jane and Junior Kangaroo as Kanga and Roo

Kanga and Roo 01

You probably forgot these two characters from the Henson Company program The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, and to be perfectly honest, so did I.  Thanks to the Muppet Wiki though, I don’t have to know who they are.  I just have to cast them because there aren’t really any notable kangaroo Muppets.  Someone should really address that problem.

Mr. Snuffleupagus as Eeyore

Eeyore 01

Who says Eeyore has to be a donkey?  Let’s face it – Snuffy is just right for this part, or at least he was in the early seasons.  He got a lot happier once everyone noticed him.  Maybe Eeyore just needs to be seen by the human cast of Sesame Street and then he’ll cheer up!  Tie him down, Elmo!

(Also, I want to see what it looks like when Snuffy’s tail comes off.  Or maybe I don’t.  Ew.)

Benny Rabbit as Rabbit

Rabbit 01

I was going to cast Carl the Big Mean Bunny as Rabbit, but I miss seeing Benny scream at everyone, and I’m sure he would do a very good job at capturing Rabbit’s annoyance with all other living things.

Gizmo as Piglet

Piglet 01

This is certainly the most bizarre choice on my list.  One would think that with all the Muppet pigs there are I would choose a pig to play Piglet.  After all, “pig” is in his name!  But, I don’t think it would be nearly as fun, fitting, or cute to see any of the Muppet pigs playing this role.  He does, after all, have the ears for it.  Sure he’d be kinda unintelligible, but I don’t think anyone ever liked to listen to Piglet’s voice anyway.

Rugby the Tiger as Tigger

Tigger 01

Because we always knew the cast of Christmas Toy was movie star material.

Honorable Mentions for Pooh:

Bears 01

Bear, Baby Bear, Bobo the Bear, Jake, and the Coca Cola bear each would have made for an interesting and comedic interpretation of the character, but I think we all knew who had to take this part.

Fozzie Bear as Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh 01

He has the right look, the right amount of cuteness, and the fame to star in this role on the big screen.  He is certainly just as lovable as the real Pooh, and may even have a few jokes about Pooh’s name.  Actually, I really hope that last part isn’t true.  His main joke should be the obvious one: “Honey?  But I hardly know ya!”  There’s one thing we know for sure – he does a great rendition of “Cottleston Pie.”

Leave us a comment with your puppet dream cast below!

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