The New Muppet Show

and What We’re Doing About It

With the Muppets back on TV, Muppet Hub simply must find its own unique ways of celebrating.  So, here are our three main projects that we’ll be working on that will make enjoying The Muppets on ABC that much more fun.


Let’s Talk Muppets

The Muppet Review Podcast

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This branch of 11PC is devoted solely to discussion of recent episodes of The Muppets on ABC, and it will feature different co-hosts coming in to give their thoughts.

The show takes place at Rowlf’s Tavern, and the menu is filled with all kinds of fun segments, including Burned Hamburgers, Devil’s Advocate, A Toast & a Roast, and more!

Join in the fun by emailing YOUR thoughts on the new show to, or Tweeting the show @NewMuppetShow.

You can listen to this new show right here on Muppet Hub, in the usual iTunes feed, or – if all goes according to plan – on 11PC’s YouTube channel.

The New Muppet Show


I had a lot of fun live-Tweeting the first episode, and I’d like to continue doing it for each new episode.

Here are some of my favorite highlights from the first live-Tweet:

Follow along on the Let’s Talk Muppets feed, @NewMuppetShow.

Tweet us YOUR thoughts on the show, and maybe you’ll get re-Tweeted, or even mentioned in an episode of Let’s Talk Muppets!


The Dirty Muppets Project

Alright, here’s the deal.  We’re tired of hearing people complain about how the new Muppet show isn’t family-friendly enough, and it seems that everyone thinks everything the Muppets do ought to be completely clean and child-oriented.

I have a problem with this.

We big Muppet fans know that they’ve done a lot of stuff that’s not very G-rated, and we’d like to make that clear to everyone else.

So, here’s what I propose: let’s make a video compilation of all the times the Muppets said or did something that your grandma’s pastor would hate, whether it’s sexual references, alcohol consumption, crude jokes, or pretty much anything in the Liza Minelli episode of The Muppet Show.

I want YOU to contribute your ideas for some of the “inappropriate” things the Muppets have said and done, which you can do by emailing me at, or contacting Muppet Hub through one of our social media outlets.  I’ll be sure to get the obvious ones myself – Rachel Welch’s dancing, Cindy Crawford’s balloons, etc. – but if you remember something that’s lesser known, I wanna be sure it’s included.

Together, we can show the world how disgusting the Muppets can be.  And that’s what Muppet fandom is all about, right?

The New Muppet Show

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7 comments on “The New Muppet Show
  1. Nic Kramer says:

    I say included the Muppet Meeting film, “Let’s Give the Dam Break”, where Grumps really needs to go the bathroom and everything Leo mentions in the meeting remind Grump of his problem. “However, if anyone has any questions please feel free of to give me a tinkle.”

  2. Philip says:

    Here’s a few to include:
    -the Sam & Friends Esskay ad with the little girl Muppet asking a magic mirror to show her the fairest “chick” of them all
    -the Sam & Friends skits Poison to Poison and Powder-Burn
    -the Visual Thinking sketch, especially the “chick” gag
    -Leroy the donkey saying “Okay, but I feel like a jack-@$$.”
    -Sandy Duncan’s “Nice Girl Like Me” number
    -Rudolf Nureyev and Piggy’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside” number
    -the Scotsman in the Spike Milligan episode saying “I hope you don’t put that fire out too soon, laddie. The heat feels great when you’re wearing kilts.”

    If I think of any others, I’ll share them as well.

    • JD Hansel says:

      Lots of good stuff here. Thank you!

      • Phiip says:

        You’re welcome. Here’s some more:
        -Jim in a toilet in “Timepiece”
        -almost any of the Wilkins Coffee commercials
        -the “Let Me In” song from the 1965 Tonight Show appearance
        -Kermit’s interview with Johnny Carson in 1975 (“You don’t ask Captain Kangaroo about his sex life, do you?”)
        -Kermit asking Cher if she “fools around”
        -the opening number from the Rita Moreno episode
        -Rowlf telling Phyllis Diller that there was a newspaper strike during the first three months of his life
        -Sam Eagle’s “Nudity” speech
        -the wig trainer in the first Muppet Sports sketch telling Louis Kazagger that he doesn’t use “sham”-poo for his wigs, only real poo
        -Statler & Waldorf’s comment after Shirley Bassey’s “Fire Down Below” number
        -Rowlf saying “I smell something”, then “Why does everyone always blame dogs?” in The Muppets Take Manhattan
        -Rowlf saying “Not so wee — I was paper-trained!” in A Muppet Family Christmas
        -Clifford saying “This cheese ain’t cuttin’ it” in the first episode of Muppets Tonight
        -the “Seinfeld Babies” sketch, especially the part where they do the contest to see who can go the longest without soiling their diaper
        -Gary Cahuenga realizing that he hasn’t gone to the bathroom in over 40 years
        -Johnny Fiama saying that he’s laughing so hard, he’s going to wet his pants
        -Piggy saying “I gotta pee” in Muppets From Space

        • Philip says:

          And this bit from the Peter Ustinov episode:

          Fozzie: “How can you compare yourself to him?”
          Kermit: “He puts on his pants just like me–one leg at a time.”
          Fozzie: “But you don’t wear pants.”
          Kermit: “Let’s see him get away with that on television.”

  3. How about the scene in Muppet Christms Carol where Piggy (Mrs. Cratchit) gives Kermit (Bob Cratchit) a very “warm” welcome home? I think there was more than one goose in that scene!

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