My Top Favorite Moments from the Muppets Most Wanted Trailer

I enjoyed Walter’s article on his favorite parts of the Muppets Most Wanted trailer, but I couldn’t help but notice a few things I thought he shouldn’t have left out.  So, here’s my list of my favorite parts.

5. Dominic Badguy’s reveal

So, I felt like I could have enjoyed The Muppets more if I had not known all of the details and songs and plot points and new characters and cameos in it before seeing the movie.  For this new movie I figured I would avoid spoiling all the surprises, so I had no idea that Ricky Gervais was playing the bad guy until I saw that his name was Badguy in this trailer, which was such a simple, yet delightful joke used for plot exposition.  Then, finding out that his card had contact information that could actually be used to “contact” him was too cool!

4. Tina Fey being hilarious

What I could see of her musical number reminded me of “Professional Pirate” from Muppet Treasure Island because the (other) bad guy gets a cool song with a big cast.  What might make this number even better than “Professional Pirate” is the funny guest stars that perform in it.  Also, her bit with the lights going out made me smile for some reason, once again, with a simple joke that was just done well.

3. Danny Trejo saying “Wocka Wocka”

I really liked his scene that got cut in the last movie, so seeing that he made it into this one and is staying makes me happy.  Adding on to that a ridiculous impression of Fozzie Bear, and I couldn’t be much happier with this celebrity cameo.  His delivery is perfection.

2. Rizzo exsists

Hey!  It’s Rizzo!  He’s not dead yet?  Where has he been hiding?  I want answers, but seeing that he is in the movie for more than a split second, and has at least one line, makes me very, very excited for the movie.

1. Constantine watches Sesame Street

Of all the old Kermit clips that Constantine could have watched, the creators of this movie love us sooooooooo much that they had him watch Kermit reporting on Sesame Street.  This, you realize, is the first time that the Muppets’ involvement in Sesame Street has been referenced in a Muppet movie since the 1980s!  What a glorious occasion!

After seeing all that and more in these trailers, I am extremely excited about Muppets Most Wanted and can’t wait months to see it.  However, I am happy for the Muppet fans over in the UK who don’t have to wait longer than we do in the US this time.  I think Disney is starting to be really nice to us.  Let’s have season 4 now please….

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