Mupdate #2 – February 2014 Recap


I decided to go back and publish this video as a post, and change the date of the post to match the date when the video was released, because we’re starting to restructure the way videos are viewed on Muppet Hub.

Sadly, the synchronization did not turn out quite right. This should improve over time.
This Mupdate has been brought to you by Eleven Point Collar, a Muppet/Henson themed podcast that’s available at

The Muppet Mindset’s coverage of the Big Game ad:
ToughPigs’ coverage of the Big Game ad:
Benedict Cumberbatch and the Sign of Four:
Constantine and Pirating:
Sesame Threadless winners:
The Muppets on Late Night w/ Fallon:
The Muppets Encyclopedia:
Flappy Bert:
Go team Canada:
The Muppets at Subway:
Brian Jay Jones on John Henson:
Fozzie in Maxim Magazine:
Starburst Magazine goes Muppets Most Wanted:
Miss Piggy on QVC:
Muppets Most Wanted videos:
Muppet Show Grand Tour Poster:–grand-tour/
The video from Stitch Kingdom:
Gonzo on Jimmy Kimmel: I’ll have a link for this soon!
The Muppets Sing-Along and MMW screening:
Creature Shop Challenge info:’s_Creature_Shop_Challenge
Farscape movie:

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