Month: July 2015

Puppet Dream Cast – Harry Potter

It’s time once again for a Puppet Dream Cast!  In our first article in this series, we figured out which puppet characters would be best for the characters in Winnie the Pooh, and now we’re doing it with another popular

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E71 – 11PC – “The MuppetCast Parody Episode”

This week, we finally answer Steve Swanson’s offer concerning the opening to his podcast. The Muppets did a great panel at San Diego Comic Con, and ToughPigs has a round-up of everything else Muppety at the con. It looks like

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Puppet Rants – Xanadu (or XanaDON’T)

Heads up: you will probably need to pause the video for a while to let the buffering issues sort themselves out.  Other than that, this should play fine, but we apologize for our inability to release this via YouTube. At

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E70 – 11PC (feat. Andrew James Spooner)

Puppeteer Andrew James Spooner joins us for this episode of 11PC, which is all about Muppet happenings in the UK – particularly the Sesame Street spin-off The Furchester Hotel. I highly recommend checking out his Twitter feed, @theonlyspoon, for some great photos from

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