Puppet Rants – Xanadu (or XanaDON’T)

Heads up: you will probably need to pause the video for a while to let the buffering issues sort themselves out.  Other than that, this should play fine, but we apologize for our inability to release this via YouTube.

At long last, this project – nearly a year in the making – is completed.  Be sure to visit www.JDHansel.com for more of my movie reviews.

Also, my friend James Nolan was a really big help in creating this video, so be sure to check out his machinima YouTube channel, The Rollin’ Nolan!

Here are the links to the songs on the soundtrack that I reference:

I’m Alive



Don’t Walk Away

Suspended in Time




“Mr. Blue Sky” performed by J. D. Hansel, written by Jeff Lynne

“Two Step” by Huma-Huma

“Hold on a Second” by John Deley and the 41 Players

“Take You Home” by Silent Partner

“The Twilight Zone Theme” by Marius Constant

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One comment on “Puppet Rants – Xanadu (or XanaDON’T)
  1. Nic Kramer says:

    How original….. Honestly, I’m getting tired of those NC type reviews. Not referring this (though, I hate it when you called Gene Kelly, “Old” here, as he made a memorable appearance on the final episode of a certain show around the same time), but these reviews shows can be equal or more terrible than the thing they are reviewing!. How’s that for sheer irony?

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