Review: Muppets at YouTube Space (Part 1)

With a new Muppet miniseries on Disney Junior, and a new Muppet prime time series on ABC, and new Muppet YouTube videos on . . . well, YouTube, the Muppets are right where they belong: everywhere.  They’re inescapable.  It’s pretty great.  What makes it even better is the fact that a lot of the new Muppet content has been good quality material!  So, I wanted to do a little review of the Muppets’ recent work with YouTubers at YouTube Space LA.  Let’s get started with their first big video, which happened to be with Vsauce 3.

What if Quicksilver Ran Past You? – Vsauce 3

I’ve been a fan of Vsauce for a while, so it was cool to see this collaboration, but it seemed like an odd topic for a Muppet video.  It seemed like the Muppet gang had one idea for how to do a Vsauce-like video in that it explored a question in a Muppety way, and then Vsauce chose the most random topic they could for what was meant to be an entirely separate video, and the two ideas were merged.  It’s weird, and it makes one wonder why the Muppets were even there, but they do make for a fun and interesting story throughout the video.  The duo of Gonzo and Rizzo is what makes this worth watching, because we haven’t seen them play off of each other like this in a long time.  Also, Constantine’s scene is pretty boss.

The Muppets Rip Us a New One! – Barely Political

This is not terribly funny, but it is really fun.  It’s a fascinating dissection of how the comedy of Statler and Waldorf’s comedy works, serving as something of a crash course in how to write for them.  I enjoyed it a lot, in spite of its predictability, but I actually think the best joke is the one made by Todd and Mark at the very, very end, since it was the one I didn’t see coming.  On the whole, the video certainly puts a smile on your face.

Kermit and Walter at YouTube Space L.A. – The Muppets 

I believe this was originally up in April, but then pulled, and re-uploaded later on May 4th.  As ToughPigs noted, this video seems a bit redundant, because by the time this came out, we’d seen new Muppet YouTube content popping up a lot.  Still, Walter is really funny in this, so I am pleased by its existence.

The Muppets take on A Cappella – “Cool Kids” – Mike Tompkins

I had never heard of this guy before, and after this video, I’m not sure I really want to look into his work.  He seems talented, but his music is not my style.  I really don’t care for the song they covered either.

That being said, this video’s kind of amazing.  The a cappella harmony sound works really, really, well for the Muppets, and I think this may be one of the best recordings of Muppets singing in many years.  The harmonies work so well, and I’m really happy with how this video turned out.  I’d like to see Muppets do more a cappella in the future, because this is really impressive.

Why do things taste bad after you brush your teeth? – Mental Floss

Yes, at long last, the question is answered.  It’s about time, and it’s nice that Bunsen and Beaker were there for this important scientific breakthrough.  It is weird hearing Bunsen know something about real science though.

That’s the first half of the Muppets’ videos at YouTube Space LA!  On the whole, I’m really happy about them.  Now I’m anxiously awaiting the video with John and Hank Green that comes out in early June, so part 2 of this review will have to come out then.  Keep a look out for more Muppet YouTube videos coming soon, Muppet fans!

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