Let’s Talk Muppets #5 – “Take That, Boise!”

Jarrod Fairclough of the Muppet Mindset joins us to help host yet another review of The Muppets on ABC!  (Click here to check out his review of the episode over on the Mindset.)

We also hear from listener Darrin Granter in this week’s phone a friend segment, and have lots of other fun surprises along the way!

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Here’s the drawing Jarrod was (allegedly) working on while we were on break.

And now, click here for pictures of Melbourne, Australia.

Here are the outtakes, bloopers, and other “off-mic” chatter:


“My Muppets Show (Rowlf’s Tavern Theme)” recorded by J. D. Hansel

“Dark Memory” by Silent Partner

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One comment on “Let’s Talk Muppets #5 – “Take That, Boise!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope Steve Swanson will start to like “Walk the Swine” after a few more viewings.

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