The Extended Call with Steve & Kim

Hi everyone, this is J. D. Hansel.

As some of my listeners may know, I was joined by both Steve Swanson and my ex-acquaintance, Kim the intern, in the final minutes of episode #16 of Let’s Talk Muppets.  While much of the conversation was slanderous towards me, I still included over 25 minutes of the conversation in the episode.

However, Kim is still not satisfied, as she feels she has been censored unjustly because of how much I cut from our conversation.  While I was reluctant at first, I asked myself, “What would Sam Harris do?” and concluded that he would have begrudgingly released the conversation.

So, please enjoy the extended version of our little chat, which includes over 12 minutes of audio that did not appear in the episode of Let’s Talk Muppets.

If you only want to hear the parts that did not appear in the episode, here’s a guide to where to look for them:

  • At 4:50, we get Kim’s first impression on the episode of The Muppets;
  • At 7:45, I bash Kim a little more;
  • At 8:25, we discuss the time when Steve offered me french fries on a podcast;
  • At 15:10, I talk about how Steve and Kim are a good match because they’re both cheaters;
  • At 35:20, Steve sums up what he really liked about the episode of The Muppets;
  • The bulk of what was cut, however, is at 23: 50, which is where you’ll find a very large portion of our chat that had to be cut for time (it’s about ten minutes long).

Now everyone please tell Kim to get off my case.


J. D. Hansel

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