Ten Days of Jim & Frank

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What’s Ten Days of Jim & Frank?

It was a ten-day celebration of Jim Henson and Frank Oz from May 16th to May 25th, 2015.


It’s focused on the characters they performed, the projects they worked on together, the bond they shared, etc.  Muppet Hub will have something new each day of this ten span, and it could be a podcast episode, a video, an article, or something entirely different.  It will even include interviews with some of the best Muppet historians on the web.  I’ve never seen an event quite like this before, and it will be a great new way for Muppet fans to appreciate what these two have done for puppetry, film, and the world.  (In case it isn’t obvious, the event begins on the 25th anniversary of Jim’s passing, and it concludes on Frank’s birthday.)

Day 1 – Eleven Point Collar with Brian Jay Jones – May 16th

Day 2 – Quiz: Are You a Jim Henson or a Frank Oz? – May 17th

Day 3 – Article: Should Kermit and Piggy Officially Marry? – May 18th

Day 4 – Eleven Point Collar on Henson/Oz live-hands – May 19th

Day 5 – JD took the day off for his birthday – May 20th

Day 6 – Quiz: Which Dark Crystal character are you? – May 21st

Day 7 – Eleven Point Collar with Philip Mitchell of Trial by Stone – May 22nd

Day 8 – Article: The Last Days of Jim & Frank – May 23rd

Day 9 – Puppet Rants: Bert and Ernie Are Not a Married Couple – May 24th

Day 10 – Eleven Point Collar with FrogFan76 – May 25th


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  1. jylitalo95 says:

    I want to give a tribute to all the Muppets & their performers with my longest poster, that I’m making. I’m a cartoonist. Jim Henson is my hero.

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