E75 – 11PC (feat. Jarrod Fairclough)

For the 75th episode of 11PC, we needed a special celebration.  Since that’s not in the budget, we decided to celebrate the Muppet Mindset’s sixth anniversary instead!


The Mindset has been a good friend to Muppet Hub over the years, and I’m very happy to have Jarrod Fairclough joining me for an interview in this episode.

Click here to see the fake Fraggle movie poster Jarrod and I were laughing about in the interview, or here to listen to my appearance with Jarrod in a recent episode of “The MuppetCast.”

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One comment on “E75 – 11PC (feat. Jarrod Fairclough)
  1. Nic Kramer says:

    I’m still wondering why Disney can’t have Henson built the Muppets again. Denise would look more Muppet like if that happened.

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