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Here’s the second part of our series on the non-Muppet side of your lovable host, JD Hansel.  Because there are no Muppets in this episode, so won’t miss anything too important if you skip this show – especially since it’s my “JD Hansel Radio” episode, so the whole show is non-Muppet music that I love.  This is just an opportunity for those who are interested in me and my work to know what other stuff I like besides Muppets.

Pardon me for following last week’s mid-week episode with this end-of-the-week episode, but my schedule’s been wonky lately due to vacations and such.  I’ll be back to a normal Monday release date soon.

Discovery is kinda the best album of all time.

Discovery is kinda the best album of all time.

Since I didn’t get to finish the show the way I’d planned, let me know if you want me to finish it later, or just leave it be.  I may even be able to make another podcast out of this kind of thing.

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  1. Can I make this into a PMV

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