The Muppet Newsflash Podcast – Episode 01

Some of you may recall that FrogFan76 gave me some great pointers when he was a special guest on Eleven Point Collar, and one of the notes he gave me was to cover the Muppet news.

So, in an all new podcast, my co-host and I will talk all about Muppet news – it’s The Muppet Newsflash Podcast!

TMNFPC Logo 01

Thank you for being dedicated fans throughout the run of the Muppet Newsflash Podcast, and we really hope you enjoy the final episode!

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2 comments on “The Muppet Newsflash Podcast – Episode 01
  1. telephone9 says:

    Really hope Ryan Dillon isn’t offended by that last blooper. You do realized he’s a friend of Danny Horn, right?

    • JD Hansel says:

      My “Oh, no!” concerns the joke Steve made, not Elmo himself. That being said, while I am a harsh critic of Elmo as a character, I am consistently extremely impressed with what Ryan Dillon has done with Elmo. Ryan Dillon is amazing.

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