Month: August 2014

15 Things to See on the Muppet Mindset

As you may know, August 26th marks the 5th anniversary of The Muppet Mindset, and since the Mindset and Muppet Hub have been friends for quite a while, I thought it would be nice to bring you some of the

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E54 – 11PC (feat. Ryan Dosier)

Ryan Dosier is in the house this week, and we discuss the Muppet Mindset’s upcoming 5th anniversary on August 26th, how Muppet fandom has changed over the years, how cool Peter Linz and all of the Muppeteers are, the joys

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Puppet Rants – Spelling Muppets’ Names Wrong(ly)

Here’s a new Puppet Rants video to send to anyone who misspells the names of our beloved Muppets.  This is a special video because it is the introduction of our new puppet character, Professor Shteinenshteinenshteinenshtein! Puppet Rants is brought to

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Mupdate #4 – July 2014 Recap

Finally, we’ve got a new Mupdate!  I decided it was about time, so I set up my camera and installed some recording software and put it together.  I’ve also decided to do the Mupdates a bit differently, now with less

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