New 11PC YouTube Channel

Eleven Point Collar is coming to YouTube!  Kinda!  In a way!

Sometimes there’s one particular portion of an episode of Eleven Point Collar that stands out, and we’d like to be able to quickly and easily listen to just that part of the show.  Whether were trying to remember a certain quote from an interview, or we just want to share a fun moment with our friends that made us laugh, it would be great to have easy access to some of the best highlights from the podcast in a social-network-friendly format.For this reason, Muppet Hub is proud to present the Eleven Point Collar YouTube Channel!  Click here to visit the channel, or watch the video below to hear all about it.

If you’re wondering why I’m not adding 11PC videos to our usual Muppet Hub channel, it’s because I don’t want those who are subscribed to the Muppet Hub channel for video content to be notified whenever I publish audio content from 11PC that they’ve probably already heard before.  A more simple reason is that this channel is mostly for previously released content, and Muppet Hub’s main channel is mostly for new content.  I think this separation makes things easier for all of us.

What can we expect to see on the channel?

Not full episodes.

The focus is on brief highlights, less than three minutes long, that can won’ take up much time, and are fun to share with friends.  This includes fun comedy segments, fascinating interview tidbits, and more.

Due to past copyright problems, we have to be careful on YouTube not to use any content that could get us into trouble (e.g. sketches from The Muppet Show, scenes from a Muppet movie, songs that have been released on CD, etc.).  This means that some portions of the show may be edited slightly for YouTube to remove copyrighted content, and that full episodes of the podcast will not be available on YouTube.

That being said, our upcoming project – a sub-podcast to 11PC that is all commentary on the new Muppet show – will probably be almost entirely free of songs and scenes that I have not produced, so the current plan is to release full episodes of this series on the channel, in addition to featuring some of its best clips.

Find out more about the new show in this clip from a recent episode of 11PC:

See?  These clips are already coming in handy!

Tell us what segments you want to hear on the new channel by emailing your suggestions to

Click here to subscribe to the channel, and be sure to keep an eye out for what we release next!  There may even be some sneak peeks to upcoming shows . . . .

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