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We need your help.  Running Muppet Hub is not only time-consuming, but kind of expensive.  In order for Muppet Hub to continue regularly producing great content, the website will have to — at the very least — pay for itself.  If you’d like to help Muppet Hub makes a few bucks and/or grow its audience, here are a few ways you can help us do that:

1.  Share our content with everyone!  Everywhere!  Always!

Whenever we post on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, if you share that with friends, we’ll get a lot more traffic on Muppet Hub, and we may even get a few new fans!

2.  Give us reviews, comments, and likes!

Join in the discussion by commenting on what we post, as constructive criticism always helps.  Like our YouTube videos if you’re amused by them, or leave a comment to explain what you would have done differently.  Please, please, please leave a review in iTunes, because that’ll help a lot more people find us there.

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3.  Send feedback on what you’d like to see Muppet Hub do next!

Any suggestions for podcast guests or Puppet Rants topics?  Send ’em my way by emailing me at!  I want to hear what it is that you want to hear!

4.  Give a donation!

You’ll notice a donations box on the right side of this page.  That’s where you can securely donate the amount of your choosing through PayPal.  (Just be sure the amount is over 40 cents, or else the donation fee that PayPal takes will eat up the whole donation, and we both lose.)

5.  Support us on Patreon!

This is probably the best way to support what we do.  Watch the video below to learn about Patreon, and the rewards involved in being our supporter!

Click here to go to our Patreon page.

6.  Buy Muppet Hub merch from our store!

Since we obviously don’t own the Muppet logo, there’s a limit to what we can sell.  Regardless, we have been working to put cool stuff in our Zazzle store for you to add to your Muppet collection.

Check out our store by clicking here, or go directly to our Zazzle store by clicking here.  Here are a few of the items available for sale:

7.  Buy Muppet stuff from our eBay store!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be putting more Muppet merchandise from my collection up on my eBay store,  Here’s what’s up for sale now:

8.  Ask professional puppeteers and other Muppet-related people to be on 11PC!

This one’s pretty easy.  Who would you like to hear on an 11PC interview?  Ask them to be on the show!

I personally can’t advocate spamming someone’s feed on social media, but surely you can find a nicer way of suggesting to the Muppeteer of your choice (e.g. Ryan Dillon) that Eleven Point Collar is interested in doing an interview.

9.  Collaborate with me on Fiverr!

Fiverr is a marketplace where artists can sell services for as little as five dollars (hence the name).  It’s a popular place for new voice actors to get little gigs, so . . .

Here’s my offer: I’ll record up to 250 words in my professional podcaster voice (or another voice, if you prefer) for five dollars.  So, if you want JD, Louie, the professor, or even one of my Muppet impressions to record a voicemail, ringtone, narration, or more, I can do that!

My page is now live at, so be sure to check it out!

10.  Sponsor Eleven Point Collar!

Do you have a business that needs promotion in the Muppet fan world?  Do you want fellow geeks to know about the art you do?  Well, conveniently, I’m interested in promoting your product or business on 11PC for just ten dollars for a series of four episodes!  I’ll also be sure to mention you in the description with a link to your website, and we can discuss copy so we’re sure I tell the world exactly what you want me to say about your product.  Please email me at for more information.