Muppet Hub’s Summer of Occasional, Sporadic Fun!

Hey everyone, it’s your old pal J. D. Hansel here.

You may have noticed that, ever since the cancellation of “Let’s Talk Muppets” (and of course the TV show that spawned it), there hasn’t been much happening on Muppet Hub.  Podcast episodes have been semi-monthly, and even the social media accounts have collected some dust here and there.  I’m not particularly happy about this, but it’s kind of the way things have to be right now.

As many of our readers and listeners can tell, Muppet Hub has never been a news-focused website, but more so a website for commentary, criticism, parody, tributes, historical education, and other forms of entertainment, all designed to promote an understanding of Henson’s work and to celebrate it vigorously.  While this means the amount of content Muppet Hub produces does not need to be coterminous with, or always directly correlating with, the amount of noteworthy official Muppet content produced, lulls in “The Muppet World” do usually make for a slow month in “The Muppet Fan World.”  Since Muppet and Henson content is the springboard for Muppet Hub’s commentary, criticism, parody, and so on, Muppet Hub does not escape the Muppet content droughts, and actually tends to get hit by them worse than many of the other popular fan-sites.

Admittedly, I could be avoiding much of this problem by either directing my attention towards older Henson content that deserves another look, or just forcing myself to write an article on whatever little news story does come up, even if I wouldn’t have much to write in the way of fresh opinions.  I’m not doing the latter because it would lower the quality of Muppet Hub’s content, and the former would take a surprising amount of time that I simply cannot devote to this particular project of mine right now.

To be more to the point, I’m only interested in creating the productions that are worth creating – meaning they are worth it for the audience.  I don’t want to waste anyone’s time on work that is not good work, and so I won’t.  For the time being, I’ll be keeping Muppet Hub’s posting about as light as it has been for the past few months.

That being said, I do have some fun projects in the works that I think Muppet Hub’s fans and supporters will really enjoy.

I’ve recently recorded an interview with puppeteer Nicholas Lemon, and I’m working on arranging an upcoming interview with a Sesame Street performer whose name would be recognized by just about anyone in our community.  I have ideas for some interview-less episodes of 11PC that I plan to put into production soon as well.  I also recorded another program in my “Let’s Talk” series with Steve Swanson, and I’ll post the link to this recording when the right time comes for me to do so.  Speaking of Steve, I’m in talks with him about appearing The Backstage Podcast (and possibly also The MuppetCast) at some point in the near future.  I have also been asked to edit the video footage from The MuppetCast’s coverage of the grand opening of the Worlds of Puppetry Museum at The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia.

While all of this is in the works, there is much for Muppet fans to do in the meantime.  First of all, Muppet Hub has uploaded the video of our trip to Sesame Place with The MuppetCast to our YouTube channel, and this is one of the most fun videos that I have ever had the privilege to produce.  Click here to check it out!  Other parts of the Muppet fan world have great coverage of the recent Electric Mayhem concert and the strange story of Bob’s semi-departure from Sesame Street.  With more news about Labyrinth coming out all the time and some upcoming events in the Muppet world to look forward to, I think that we can all sit tight until the fan world really gets cooking again.  Rest assured that, when it does get cooking, I’ll be there doing a bad Swedish Chef impression in my dorky chef’s hat, stirring up the Muppet stuff gumbo as much as I can.

(As an aside, for those who are really interested in more of my work – even my non-Muppety work – I’m still posting reviews and articles on my blog, same as always.)

If anyone has ideas they’d like to share for possible projects I could work on in the future, I’d always like to hear from them at

Have fun with the rest of the summer, Muppet fans!  Now go outside and enjoy it!

— J. D.