Our Staff


Puppet J. D. (a.k.a “The Host” or “Doppy”)

He’s the face of Muppet Hub and the host of its videos.  With a passion for puppets (since he is one) and for movies, he frequently rants about such topics in his Puppet Rants.  He also makes the Mupdate videos and PuppetProverbs tweets, and keeps the other staff members at Muppet Hub in line.  He may be prone to bursts of anger and being a little too extreme, but in the end, he loves what he does, and he hopes to be an inspiration to the Muppet fan community.

Louie 01Louie

Louie is the unpaid intern at Muppet Hub, who sadly fails at just about any job he’s given.  He’s Puppet J. D.’s neighbor, and he was the only guy willing to take the job of doing whatever Puppet J. D. wants, from getting coffee from Brazil to running sound effects for 11PC to digging through junkyards for Muppet merchandise.  He loves disco music and cartoons, and he has a pet squirrel named Gomez.

Professor Shteinenshteinenshteinenshtein

We’re not really sure what he is a professor of, or where he’s from, or what his educational background is.  All we know is that he has a vast amount of knowledge, or so he claims, and he is very handy to have around for educating viewers.  He is clearly very passionate about what he teaches, whatever that is, and he demonstrates this by yelling all of the time.  He also loves puppetry, and he says that Marvin Suggs is one of his inspirations, which frankly makes us very nervous.

Donny Waddles

A former background Muppet penguin, Donnie went solo in the late 1990s as a crooning jazz singer.  He has been kind enough to share some of his musical knowledge with us and collaborate with us in many productions.  He is a big fan of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, and Johnny Mathis.  He is also a penguin, which we think is really cool (horrendous pun intended).

Trevor the Troll

Trevor is an internet troll who enjoys getting everyone else flustered and offended.  He’s a part of Muppet Hub because he criticizes our work so our readers and viewers don’t have to.  He ensures that everything we produce is given more than an adequate amount of hatred, and he has even sent several emails to us about how stupid we were to end that last sentence with a preposition.  He has informed multiple feminist groups about the lack of females in our staff in an effort to get Muppet Hub shut down, and because of his dedication, we are proud to say that he is the hardest working of all our unpaid interns.

Charlie Footcramp (a.k.a. “Big Charlie” or “Charlie the Agent”)

Charlie is the guy who books our guests and arranges our events, so he is the reason why we’ve had so few of each.  A former talent agent, he’s not totally ready to retire yet, so he helps us run things at Muppet Hub.