The Fraggle Movie Petition – Keep Them Down at Fraggle Rock

The Fraggles need your help!

I would like to make the case against a Fraggle movie that takes place in the human world, which you can listen to in my little podcast episode about it by clicking here, or you can read my explanation below.

I have two main contingencies in my case:

  1. The proposed storyline is unnecessary;
  2. There are more original and more interesting stories to be told within the Fraggle world.

It would be redundant, or perhaps even cliché, for the Fraggles to make a movie based on the same premise as their fellow Henson creations’ films. This is also a plot that tends to bring about very weak movies. The characters that we’ve only seen in a fantasy-ish world coming into our world and trying to make sense of it is essentially the plot of the Smurfs movie, Looney Tunes Back in Action, the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie, and Hop, and it even bears close resemblance the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, the recent Scooby Doo movies, the Three Stooges movie, the new Spongebob movie. Yes, there have been other times when this kind of movie has worked well, such as in Star Trek IV or Disney’s Enchanted, but there’s no reason to redo what has already been done.

If what we want is an original and exciting story, the world of Fraggle Rock offers several delightful opportunities. Fraggle Rock was such an imaginative show that in every episode it gestured towards possible stories to be told, offering them to the fans for the past few decades. By and large, the fans have not taken the rock up on this offer, so now there are still several unexplored ideas from which the creators of the new Fraggle film can choose. The fans are still wondering about what could have happened to the Fraggles both before and after the events we see in the series.

If you want an interesting story about the history of Fraggle Rock, one could easily come up with a really fun story about the history of any of the following:

  • The fall of the kingdom of the ancient Fraggles
  • The fall of the Doozer kingdom
  • The fall of the Gorg kingdom
  • The war between the Fraggles and the Cave Fraggles
  • The feud between the Trash Heap and Wander McMooch
  • The origin of the T. Matthew Fraggle room
  • Sir Hubris
  • Cantus and the Minstrels
  • Red’s Blue Dragon
  • Skenfrith
  • The Weeba Beast
  • The Ditzies
  • Storyteller Fraggle
  • The Inkspots
  • Uffafluff and Oobadad
  • The Merggles
  • The magical Spiderfly, aka the “Odd Old Man”
  • Lily Creatures
  • Anything that doesn’t take place in the boring old human world.

If we want to take the Fraggles in a new direction, there are still plenty of places they could explore out in the world of the Gorgs. Humans could be involved, but it would be best to keep this limited to just a scene or two, preferably only in a Travelling Matt postcard. I explain possible human interactions in a little more detail in my podcast episode on this subject.

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