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Muppet Hub’s videos, including Puppet Rants and Mupdates

Labyrinth Gift Box Unboxing & Review

On a whim, I decided that I should record it when I opened up the new Labyrinth Blu-Ray release.  Unfortunately, my first recording is lost, but this video is still fun and informative. Have you gotten the Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray

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VIDEO: The MuppetCast Takes PA

In late July of 2015, Steve Swanson and I spent some time in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.  This is the home of Sesame Place, and we were fortunate enough to be shown around the amusement park by Sesame Place historian Guy Hutchinson, the

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A Special 4th Anniversary Message from Muppet Hub

Thanks for watching, listening to, and reading our content over the years – it’s the lovers, the dreamers, and YOU that make Muppet Hub possible!

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Puppet Rants – Xanadu (or XanaDON’T)

Heads up: you will probably need to pause the video for a while to let the buffering issues sort themselves out.  Other than that, this should play fine, but we apologize for our inability to release this via YouTube. At

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Puppet Rants – Bert and Ernie Are Not a Married Couple

This installment of Ten Days of Jim & Frank focuses on the characters who best represent their relationship, Bert and Ernie!  (Or Ernie and Bert if you prefer.) Disclaimer: this isn’t really a video for small children to see. Viewer

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Puppet Rants – Muppet Madness and Making a Statement

This is my first time using Premiere Pro for a video for Muppet Hub, and I really like it.  It’s going to make video production a lot easier for me, which should mean Muppet Hub will start to have better

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Hymn Parody – I Have Sneezed into the Fan

Poor Donnie Waddles always gets stuck doing the dumbest songs.  Here he is performing “I Have Sneezed into the Fan (Oh Lord),” which I recorded back in the summer.

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A Random Tribute to Kirk Thatcher

I have some puppet videos planned for the upcoming weeks, but I unfortunately have not yet had time to make them yet… so this is what you get instead. Music: “Fortunate Son” by Silent Partner

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Mupdate #7 – December 2014

The audio quality in this one may be a little odd since I recorded it in a hotel, but I think the video still turned out pretty nicely.  Happy New Year, everybody! Links: NASA’s Orion:… YouTube Rewind:…… Piggy with

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Mupdate #6 – November 2014 Recap

I forgot to mention that the Sesame cast was in the Thanksgiving day parade, but I think that’s kind of a given. Links: Kermit’s TED Talk:…… Sky Movies promo:……… Follow us: Music:

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