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The Extended Call with Steve & Kim

Hi everyone, this is J. D. Hansel. As some of my listeners may know, I was joined by both Steve Swanson and my ex-acquaintance, Kim the intern, in the final minutes of episode #16 of Let’s Talk Muppets.  While much of

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What Happened to Muppet Hub on YouTube?

Greetings from the management of Muppet Hub has temporarily withheld content from YouTube, and listeners of Muppet Hub’s podcast productions may have noticed that outtakes and bloopers from Let’s Talk Muppets have been without a home for the past

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“I Believe in Season Two” – A Protest Song

“I Believe in Season Two” Lyrics and vocals by J. D. Hansel, piano by Steve Swanson. Lyrics: <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p> Open/Download PDF

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Why You Should Be Super Excited About Turkey Hollow

Yes, I know you’re busy being excited about how the Muppets are back on TV with a new series.  Yes, I know you’re also busy being excited about the opening of the new Worlds of Puppetry Museum.  (You may also

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Muppet Hub News Flash #6

For the first time in a while, it’s another Muppet Hub News Flash!  As usual with MHNF, this is probably not the best episode for newcomers to start on, as it largely pertains to the regular listeners, and is not

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The New Muppet Show

and What We’re Doing About It With the Muppets back on TV, Muppet Hub simply must find its own unique ways of celebrating.  So, here are our three main projects that we’ll be working on that will make enjoying The Muppets on ABC that

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New 11PC YouTube Channel

Eleven Point Collar is coming to YouTube!  Kinda!  In a way! Sometimes there’s one particular portion of an episode of Eleven Point Collar that stands out, and we’d like to be able to quickly and easily listen to just that

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Muppet Hub News Flash #4

Here’s a brief update to let everyone know how things are going here at Muppet Hub.  (Spoiler: things are going well since we’re co-hosting the flippin’ Muppet Madness Tournament.) Oh, and I forgot to mention that we got a new

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Muppet Hub News Flash #3

The microphone is back, and so am I!  I’ve got some ideas and I’d like some feedback. Also, in this Muppet Hub News Flash, when I said that Jim Henson covered Stan Freberg on Sam and Friends, I meant to

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Muppet Hub News Flash #2

And here we are again with Muppet Hub News Flash #2.  We’ve been really busy this summer! (Music: Smart Riot by Huma-Huma) Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:29 — 7.2MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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