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The Muppet Newsflash Podcast #4 – “Encouraging Bad Behavior”

Hey gang, J. D. here.  I was trying to take a vacation from the Muppet fan world and Henson news for the spring, but Jarrod and Steve pulled me back in.  In this episode, we discuss Julie’s Greenroom, Muppet Guys Talking, and

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Muppet Anxieties #1: The Frank Oz Doc

I woke up today to find that I apparently called Steve in a panic last night.  Somehow, fortunately, the mics were rolling!  Here’s what happened…. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:00 — 11.0MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android

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E85 – 11PC – A Review of 2016 and 11PC

In the first episode of this podcast for 2017, we review everything that happened in 2016! Also, it’s our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY!  Hooray! Thanks to Steve Swanson and Jarrod Fairclough for joining me for this episode! You can contact me at

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E84 – 11PC – “Stupid Turkey”

Haul out the holly!  It’s our Muppetational Holiday Special! This episode is filled with great Muppet Christmas music, and it serves as a tribute to one of the greatest Muppet productions of all time, A Muppet Family Christmas.  Enjoy! You can

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From the Archives: LTM #13 Outtakes

Hi everybody, J. D. Hansel here. Not too long after I posted the “Lost ‘Let’s Talk Muppets’ Recordings” back in July, it was pointed out to me that there were still some outtakes from LTM that had yet to be

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E83 – 11PC

In this episode, we celebrate harmony, and that means listening to some songs and sketches that remind us of Jim Henson’s creed for his followers, and have some fun along the way. You can contact me at, follow me at and, and

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The Muppet Newsflash Podcast #3 – “Mr. Noodle Has a Poodle”

Yes, that’s right, we’ve rebooted “The Muppet Newsflash Podcast” again!  Hooray! In this show, we’ll cover all of the latest stories in the Muppet world, including: the Street Gang documentary, the Muppets’ new stuff in Disney World, the Muppet Babies reboot, and

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E82 – 11PC – The Meaning of Labyrinth

This week, we celebrate Labyrinth! Click here to watch Muppet Hub’s Labyrinth unboxing video, and then click here to buy a copy of the film. Click here to purchase the book Jim Henson and Philosophy. You can contact me at, follow me

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E81 – 11PC (feat. Nicholas Lemon) – “The Good Kind of Gonorrhea”

11PC is proud to present a brand new interview with puppeteer, entrepreneur, and overall fun person Nicholas Lemon! Nic’s here to talk about a project that his excellent puppet production company, Nicholas Lemon Productions, has had in the works for

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The Lost “Let’s Talk Muppets” Recordings

Hey there gang, J. D. here. While it breaks my wee little heart that Let’s Talk Muppets came to an end, I’m happy to say that I’ve dug up the outtakes from the final two episodes of the production (#15:

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