Month: March 2016

The Extended Call with Steve & Kim

Hi everyone, this is J. D. Hansel. As some of my listeners may know, I was joined by both Steve Swanson and my ex-acquaintance, Kim the intern, in the final minutes of episode #16 of Let’s Talk Muppets.  While much of

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Let’s Talk Muppets #16 – “Kim”

In this episode: everyone thinks I was waaaaaaay too hard on Kim. Also, Charlie the Agent returns, I defend Team Friendship, and little beepy meepy things! Just to prove I’m not crazy, here’s a bit of Kim’s writing for ABC,

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What Happened to Muppet Hub on YouTube?

Greetings from the management of Muppet Hub has temporarily withheld content from YouTube, and listeners of Muppet Hub’s podcast productions may have noticed that outtakes and bloopers from Let’s Talk Muppets have been without a home for the past

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Let’s Talk Muppets #15 – “Everybody Loves Drunk Pepe”

In this episode: we celebrate drugged and drunk Muppets! Also, Arianne fills in for Steve by pestering JD about Kim, Jarrod is quite profane, and everyone is happy that Pache is dead. Special thanks to Jarrod Fairclough from the Muppet

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