Month: September 2015

Let’s Talk Muppets #1 – “We’re Not Counting Kim!”

Almost live from Rowlf’s Tavern, it’s the first episode of our new series, “Let’s Talk Muppets: The Muppet Review Show!” Steve Swanson joins me as guest co-host for the evening as we review the first episode of The Muppets on ABC.

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The New Muppet Show

and What We’re Doing About It With the Muppets back on TV, Muppet Hub simply must find its own unique ways of celebrating.  So, here are our three main projects that we’ll be working on that will make enjoying The Muppets on ABC that

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New 11PC YouTube Channel

Eleven Point Collar is coming to YouTube!  Kinda!  In a way! Sometimes there’s one particular portion of an episode of Eleven Point Collar that stands out, and we’d like to be able to quickly and easily listen to just that

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E75 – 11PC (feat. Jarrod Fairclough)

For the 75th episode of 11PC, we needed a special celebration.  Since that’s not in the budget, we decided to celebrate the Muppet Mindset’s sixth anniversary instead! The Mindset has been a good friend to Muppet Hub over the years,

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