Month: August 2015

E74 – 11PC

This week, we get caught up on my recent Muppety experiences, mostly focused on my trip to a puppetry workshop in NYC given by Paul McGinnis (Sesame Street) and David Fino (The Fuzz). Also, we’ve got some DVD-reviewing to do!

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E73 – 11PC

Here’s the second part of our series on the non-Muppet side of your lovable host, JD Hansel.  Because there are no Muppets in this episode, so won’t miss anything too important if you skip this show – especially since it’s

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E72 – 11PC

Let’s get personal. For once – just this once – I’m going to tell you all a bit more about myself and let you get to know the real me.  Turns out, talking about your personal life really does make  a

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