Month: June 2015

Muppet Hub News Flash #5

This is probably not the best episode for newcomers to start on, as it largely pertains to the regular listeners, and is not like a normal episode of 11PC.  Just a fair warning. So, here’s what’s going on at Muppet

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The 5 Best Muppet Stretches

Are you ready for a workout?  Not until you’ve done your stretches!  If you don’t stretch before working out, you could twist your armwire or lose your legs! So, here are the best stretches you should do before every workout,

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Review: Muppets at YouTube Space (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, Muppet Hub reviewed the first bunch of videos in their new slew of YouTube videos with YouTube Space L.A. and various famous YouTubers.  Today, we’ll review the next videos in the bunch, starting with a fun

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