Month: April 2015

E64 – 11PC (feat. Noel MacNeal)

Puppeteer Noel MacNeal returns to Eleven Point Collar to tell us about his big projects that’s in the works now – The Show Me Show! The show is designed to be beneficial for children with autism and special needs, so check

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E63 – 11PC

This episode is all about the big 2012 event at Carnegie Hall, Jim Henson’s Musical World! (Skip to 6:10 to pass by the housekeeping and get right to the part about the show.) The best part is that I recorded

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Puppet Dream Cast – Winnie the Pooh (Live Action)

I wanted to believe that the live action Winnie the Pooh movie was just an April Fool’s joke just as much as everyone else did, but since it’s not, I might as well take the opportunity to introduce a new

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