Month: March 2015

E62 – 11PC

This episode is only a few minutes long, and the entire show is focused on the Fraggle Rock movie. This is my plea to make the movie differently from the way that’s been proposed. Also, I’ve got a petition on this

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Puppet Rants – Muppet Madness and Making a Statement

This is my first time using Premiere Pro for a video for Muppet Hub, and I really like it.  It’s going to make video production a lot easier for me, which should mean Muppet Hub will start to have better

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Muppet Hub News Flash #4

Here’s a brief update to let everyone know how things are going here at Muppet Hub.  (Spoiler: things are going well since we’re co-hosting the flippin’ Muppet Madness Tournament.) Oh, and I forgot to mention that we got a new

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