Month: December 2014

E60 – 11PC

This special Christmas special is especially special.  We celebrate bells, refrigerators, and the true meaning of Christmas… commercials!  So sit by the fire with some weirdos and enjoy!                       Contact

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10 Things You Know about the Muppets That the Internet Thinks You Don’t

Hi, I’m the Internet. Do you like the Muppets?  You do?  Great!  So you must know nothing about them!  Here’s a list of astounding Muppet facts that you surely have never heard before, starting with the stuff you might have

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E59 – 11PC

This episode is, from a writing and editing perspective, one of the most detailed shows I’ve done!  (It has almost 40 tracks!)  Because of this, I may have missed a track somewhere, which could result in you hearing something totally

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Mupdate #6 – November 2014 Recap

I forgot to mention that the Sesame cast was in the Thanksgiving day parade, but I think that’s kind of a given. Links: Kermit’s TED Talk:…… Sky Movies promo:……… Follow us: Music:

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