Month: September 2014

That One Sketch

In every television show, no matter how great, there are a few episodes that do not quite hold up to the quality of other episodes.  This article will not be discussing that at all.  It will, however, discuss the specific

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Visit Our New Pages!

Check out our new Henson Company clip art page here: Check out our new staff/character page here:

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E56 – 11PC (feat. Steve Swanson)

Muppetcast Logo

This episode of 11PC features a new(ish) interview with the creator of Muppet podcasting as we know it (if that’s a term) Steve Swanson!  And guess what!  He’s starting a new podcast!  His podcast is called The Backstage Podcast and you

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E55 – 11PC

I am proud to present the first interactive episode of 11PC!  I guess I should clarify what I mean by that.  For the Henson History segment in this episode, you can follow along with the slideshow below as I take

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Mupdate #5 – August 2014 Recap

For once, I actually got the Mupdate uploaded by the first hour of the first day of the following month!  In this Mupdate, you’ll hear about Disney Drive-On, the Muppets at baseball games, new Muppets Most Wanted promotion, a Frank

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