Month: September 2012

“What Is…?” – What Is the Message of the Muppets?

“If our ‘message’ is anything, it’s a positive approach to life.”  Many fans of the Muppets know that these are the words of Jim Henson, which few would argue with.  He may be dead, but I am going to argue

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E17 – 11PC

Today we celebrate the birthday of Kevin Clash!  He’s not only Elmo… he’s actually performed many great characters, including Hoots the Owl! Contact 11PC at, follow 11PC at, and like the Facebook page at Play in

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E16 – 11PC

It’s finally time to finish up The Best of the Dogs!  I may not have covered every song involving dogs that the Muppets have ever sung, but I played a lot of them. You may note that all of the

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